A downloadable game for Windows

Your size and the size of your bullets changes as you get close to the center of the map! Beware the sneaky bullet bounces and the tyranny of an Hyperbolic function!

Install instructions

-Two controllers are needed to play: plug both your controllers and launch "MathGameJam.exe".

-RT to shoot bullets. Bullets bounce on surfaces, so beware!

-LB to Reveal players. While maintaining this button, a ray of blue light appears above BOTH the players. You see him, but he can see you!

-A to dash in a direction.

-Your character's size changes as it gets close to the center of the map, and he fires smaller bullets.

-A character always move with the same speed, RELATIVE TO HIS SIZE. For a giant player, a tiny player looks slower.

-Bullet's speed always move with a RELATIVE speed. For a giant player, its bullet will slow down as they get close to the center, the opposite for a small player.

Have fun!

Made by Arnaud G.L. with Unreal Engine 4.

This game was fully programmed using Blueprints.


Non-Euclidean Shooter.rar 96 MB